ISSN 2041-6695

Volume 1 contents  –  2010

Issue 1

Editorial announcement

Welcome to the first issue of the new journal i-Perception 1 –2
Tom Troscianko, Peter Thompson, Tim Meese

Yarbus, eye movements, and vision 7 –27
Benjamin W Tatler, Nicholas J Wade, Hoi Kwan, John M Findlay, Boris M Velichkovsky

Short and Sweet

Face-to-face coalition 28 –30
Timothy J Andrews, Peter Thompson

Issue 2

SPECIAL ISSUE: Eye Movements: Spatial and Temporal Aspects

Guest editorial

Eye Movements: Spatial and Temporal Aspects 31 –32
Galina V Paramei, Marco Bertamini, Bruce Bridgeman, Nicholas J Wade

Pioneers of eye movement research 33 –68
Nicholas J Wade

Issue 3

Identification of everyday objects on the basis of Gaborized outline versions 121 –142
Michaël Sassi, Kathleen Vancleef, Bart Machilsen, Sven Panis, Johan Wagemans

Short and Sweet

The viewing-from-above bias and the silhouette illusion 143 –148
Nikolaus F Troje, Matthew McAdam

The shading cue in context 159 –177
Johan Wagemans, Andrea J van Doorn, Jan J Koenderink
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